Hey there, thanks for dropping by. The purpose of this page is to ensnare you with my unbeatable personality to demonstrate that I am, in fact, quite the catch. Okay no, but really. My name is Tim and writing is what I do. I’ve enjoyed games from a young age, brought into the fold by my older brother who owned an SNES. Even after he stopped playing games, I still loved them to pieces. Some childhood favorites include the Donkey Kong Country franchise, Paper Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and well, I could probably go on for a while. As you can tell, I was a Nintendo kid for quite some time, but eventually I did “graduate” onto the Xbox 360 and the PC. During 2011 I came across a game that had been gradually becoming crazy popular: Minecraft. I got wrapped up in its cube-based craze as well, and even today I still enjoy it regularly. What I’ve come to really love about it is the ability to use an in-game language to code things. Special items, custom enemies and bosses, cutscenes,

minigames, quest systems; you can do it all, and I just find that aspect of the game incredibly fascinating and satisfying. Again, though writing is my focus, I have a great appreciation for the logic behind programming and code, and I thoroughly enjoy custom-coding special things in Minecraft and working on cool little programming projects. Such projects include coding Pac-Man within Minecraft as a playable arcade game, the legendary Mjolnir with a set of four unique abilities, or the Ocarina of Time complete with working songs from the Zelda franchise. If you know how to work Minecraft’s in-game coding language, you can create some truly amazing things. Seriously, just do a YouTube search of “Minecraft command creations” and you'll see just how insanely talented the Minecraft community is. I actually enjoy coding in Minecraft so much that I somewhat recently started up a YouTube channel of my own to showcase the things I make.

As a child I also had a penchant for writing, and become not too shabby at the ol' art of linguistic character crafting. When the time came around to decide my fate for life, it didn't seem like too large of a leap to pursue writing for video games. Just sort of mash'em together a bit. I spent four years of study at Southern New Hampshire University, majoring in Game Design & Development, with a specialization in Interactive Storytelling. During my time at SNHU, I looked at games through a variety of lenses to find deeper meanings and symbolic elements, discovered the significance of melding game narrative with game mechanics as it relates to the story and character development, studied how the game environment can be employed to convey narrative, and learned how to design compelling narratives and meaningful characters. Though writing was my primary focus, I took many other courses on different game design aspects. These included digital sculpting, digital modeling, character and object animation, artificial intelligence, programming, and some general game design courses, all of which I enjoyed as well. Taking such a variety of courses helped keep things fresh, and allowed me to understand the work of artists, modelers, animators, programmers, etc., as well as the unique problems they run into.

Well, I guess that'll do it from me, but if you've been thoroughly charmed and are looking for something more, please by all means have a look at the rest of the site, as well as my resume.



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